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Current Targets


  • Guild Level 30.
  • Recruit 30 Members.
  • Raise 50 Platinum. 


  • Guild Level 23.
  • Recruited 23 Members.
  • Raised 100 Platinum.

Welcome to the home of Cypress!

You have reached the homepage of Cypress, a guild on the Kithicor server of EverQuest 2.

We are a small family-run guild of mainly characters below level 30, be it main characters, alt characters, or someone new to the game - we aim to create an environment where our members can enjoy the game to it's fullest. Many of our members have been playing since the beginning, whilst some of our members have just arrived in Norrath.

Can you remember a time when Lavastorm was the high-end zone in the game, and the sense of satisfaction you felt on reaching level 50? Can you remember the first time you heard the music playing in Antonica? We want to allow our members to experience the game as though it was just released, and grow their characters how they want.

We have no requirements for 'time online' or 'required grouping' that you'll find elsewhere, we simply allow you to join us and enjoy the company. We can group if you need us, or you can quietly sit and do your own thing whenever you want. It gives the advantage of becoming part of a growing family that will always be there to help you out.

Drop me a message, I'm here to answer any quesstions you might have.


Commander of Cypress

Pika of Cypress

New Members

PikaKithicor, Mar 1, 10 9:13 AM.

We've reached our first week, and it's been a good one. I'd like to welcome our new members to Cypress; Gadzuki; Gruben; Inde; Katahn; Lesley and Skarn.

This brings our total members now to 12! Keep up the good work.


Pika of Cypress

Under New Management

Seilf, Feb 26, 10 7:47 PM.
Good Afternoon Norrath!

You may have heard in the news, but the guild Cypress is now under new management! Following an agreement with the previous management who were intending to collapse the guild, Legion of Seilf have moved in and seized their extra experience in order to reach our goal of Level 30 quicker! In the next few days, invitations will be going out to existing members of the guild who will have the chance to move into Cypress and retain their old ranks.

Additionally we have received funding from Valhadrion of the guild Unleashed in order to purchase our Guild Hall on reaching Level 30. Please see the forums for discussion on where to have this hall, since it is there for the benefits of the members it is only right that you have a say in where it goes! Don't forget to register at the top of the page or you won't be able to view all of the site.

Welcome to Cypress.

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